Sales Promotion Tactics and Marketing Strategies That Ensure Customer Satisfaction

A successful sales person must seek out to meet prospective buyers, identify customer’s needs, interests and attitude by communicating effectively and help them reach a decision to buy the product or brand that best suits them.

Business promotion should seek to first locate individuals who have needs that can be satisfied by the goods offered by the firm. Marketing strategies should carefully plan on how to approach the buyer, especially if it is the first meeting. Having gathered the required information on the target market, a marketer should set out to secure the interest and attention of the customers.

A sales person should be able to fully communicate all the product brand attributes and benefits that the prospect customer will derive from it. He must gain the confidence of the buyer by being able to comfortable answer any question asked satisfactorily. This can be achieved by a sales person equipping himself with adequate information regarding his goods.

Marketing is about persuading the buyer that a particular product or service you are offering is best suited to the needs of the customer. A marketer must therefore act decisively to overcome any uncertainty by sensing how and when to close a sale. A tactic of closing a sale is attempting a ‘trial’ close when the customer questions regarding issues like credit terms and delivery dates.

After sale service is also important to ensure that customers receive the maximum satisfaction from the service and also to prevent any doubts or regrets by assuring the buyer that he made the correct choice. It is important to note that, although no further business may occur during follow up and after sales services, the company will be repaid more by uncovering problems that might have made future sales difficult. In addition, it will cement relationships that increase the likelihood for future sales.